Magnetic separator MR


The magnetic separator MR is designed for separating strongly magnetic materials, for regenerating ferromagnetic fillers and for separating unwanted magnetic impurities from various wet raw materials.


The magnetic separator MR is a device whose functional part – the separation drum – rotates around a horizontal axis in the separation trough. The drum shell and trough are made of stainless non-magnetic steel. All parts of the separator that are exposed to the abrasive action of the mash are protected by a layer of abrasion-resistant material. The magnetic system is composed of permanent ferrite magnets, which are placed on a stable magnet beam in the drum.

The magnetic system can be adjusted to the optimal position. The separator drum is driven by an electric motor through a gearbox. The drive unit is located on the machine frame or inside the decoupling drum. According to the direction of the flow of mash in relation to the direction of rotation of the drum, we distinguish three basic types of separation troughs:
co-current trough – A
countercurrent trough – B
semi-countercurrent trough – C

A special type of co-current trough is the regeneration trough R, or RA, which is modified for the regeneration of suspensions of ferromagnetic ballasts.

Magnetic decoupler MR is a widespread and proven type of decoupler. It is characterized by high reliability, service life and efficiency of unbundling with minimal requirements for operation and maintenance.